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Together Everyone Achieves More



TEAMtogether is the collection of services provided by the TEAM Education Trust to support our partner schools.  These services are developed to enable our colleagues to have a shared understanding, to support collaboration, to enable consistency and to facilitate higher standards of achievement within our schools.


TEAMtogether Offer:



Sharing news and updates appropriate to our partner schools.  These regular updates share best practice, good news stories and useful information. 

Supporting our LEARNERS


Focused support to ensure that our early learners are confident and ready to start their learning journey. 


Careers and enterprise support for all students to ensure that all the Gatsby Benchmarks are met. A clear, appropriate offer to support the enterprise, career and employability options for all TEAM students.


Each young person who attends a TEAMschool will have 50 amazing experiences before they leave primary and 200 amazing experiences before they leave secondary education.


Where we provide ‘plus’ is where we provide more to those students who have specific and special educational needs.  This includes the proposed development of learning facility for students aged 18-25 with special educational needs.


Learning beyond the Classroom; enabling students to experience learning in different settings.  Providing staff with the support they need to ensure that all activities are safe and appropriate to the needs of students.


Capturing the voice of our learners.  Each TEAM school has a proactive student council in place; all councils are represented on the TEAMvoice Student Council.

Supporting our COLLEAGUES


Ensuring that TEAMschools are great places to work, attracting talent and promoting potential through a range of interventions to ensure that TEAMschools are the employer of choice.


TEAMcompliance providing support to ensure our schools are safe and healthy learning and working environments.


Working alongside the Cabinet Office in a pilot project to ensure that our staff and students work and learn using ICT securely

Supporting our FAMILIES and COMMUNITY


We work in close partnership with the parents and carers of our students.  This includes the organisation of parents groups (PTAs), encouraging parents into the school learning environment/supporting the learning needs of their child and creating a close bond between families and their child’s school.


Offering a pioneering programme of guidance and care, The Early Help Team offer to support students/families ‘at risk’ of failing to engage with Education before the situation escalates.  This service can be purchased as a stand-alone service by schools within the local area.


We have listened to our community of staff and students.  Our ECO-Champion seeks to ensure that our settings seek to become carbon-neutral, that our community of learners and staff are environmentally aware and are champions of reducing waste and caring for our environment.  We offer a curriculum to support this responsibility.


Working with local community groups and stakeholders to ensure that each school is integrated within the community it serves.  This includes close collaboration with the Police, Councils and key local stakeholders