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Early Help Service

Christmas 2020

Christmas time can sometimes be a struggle for families.

If you need help, there are many local organisations on hand and ready to help you.  These key support organisations are shown in the Bolsover Community Christmas Newsletter (click to access contacts) and this support is available to any family who have a child attending school in the District.

Our schools are on hand to provide support throughout the term and have put together a number of resources that are available on the Early Help service website of Stubbin Wood School.  Please click here to take you to the webpage.

If you can’t find the help you need and your child is at a TEAM Education Trust school, The Early Help Service is offering an emergencies-only, limited service on 22, 23, 29 & 30 December with opening hours between 10 am and 2pm.  Telephone: 07871 275123.


Click on the picture to download more information on  our Early Help Offer.

To discuss your school's Early Help needs and to find out how we can help you, please contact:

Mrs Allyson Fudge

Early Help Manager, TEAM Education Trust

(e) earlyhelp@teameducation.org or (t) 01623 742795

The Early Help Office is co-located at Stubbin Wood School.  For parents seeking more information on local support and sources of information available to them, please click here

What is Early Help?

Early Help is about taking action to support a child or young person and their family at the time that a problem first emerges and before it becomes a crisis.

We can never predict when help will be needed; it can be at any stage in the development of a child. Help might be needed pre-birth through to adulthood and supports any issue that the family cannot deal with or manage on their own.

Early Help is all about safeguarding the young person but it is not Child Protection. Appropriate early help at the right time can help to prevent situations escalating into the need for formal Child Protection.

Supporting Families

Early Help can support families to navigate the most complex of situations as well finding simple solutions to more straightforward issues. Early Help may require multi agency working or a single agency response. It may be a complex, long term relationship or a simple ’signpost’ to the right person.

Why is Early Help needed?

There are multiple benefits arising from Early Help provision to enable children to thrive and develop better social and emotional skills, improved communication, the ability to manage their own  behaviour and nurture robust mental health. It enables a stronger foundation for learning at school, an easier transition into adulthood, better job prospects, healthier relationships and improved wellbeing. Early Help can reduce the need for, or prevent, specialist interventions unless they are absolutely the correct response to meet the need and resolve the problem.

Why do we need Early Help now?

Early Help service requires all agencies to work together as soon as a need is identified to ensure the child and their family gets the right support from the right people at the right time.

Our External Partners & Referral Pathways

We offer children and their families the right support to the right professional services.

Supporting families

¨ Social Care (as appropriate)

¨ Sign posting to a range of experts

¨ Learning Disabilities - CAMHS

¨ School Health (nurse/doctor)

¨ Action for Children (Building sound minds)


¨ Early Help Assessments

¨ Team around the Family meetings

 Supporting pupils

¨ Attendance support to get to school

¨ Independent travel training

¨ 1:1 targeted work within a school setting

¨ Working with the Police , CAMHs etc.

Signposting to other services

We have access to further professional services  if needed:

¨ Educational psychologist (Individual schools)

¨ Appropriate carer/sibling groups