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Supporting students with SEND

The Trust have a deep-rooted understanding of how to help our students who have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Our TEAM are SEND specialists and we work with schools beyond the Trust to facilitate an inclusive and positive learning experience.


During this period of Covid-19, we are happy to work with families, schools and local authorities to help students to cope or to help their child to access education; either working at home or transitioning into the school setting, further education or training.  For more information, to discuss your child's specific needs and to learn more about TEAM Education Trust traded services, contact us.


The Trust use a tiered approach to meet the needs of our students, primarily through quality-first teaching, and encompassing monitoring where the SENDCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) works closely with the class staff whilst leadership monitors an individual student.


Where SEND needs are identified, a student is placed on a SEND monitoring register. To ensure that we meet the needs of the students appropriately, the following checks take place before formal consideration can be given as to whether to place a child on the SEND register.

  1. Students are fully supported during this process whilst evidence to support their individual needs is established.
  2. The school’s Safeguarding Manager and/or the TEAM Trust SEND Lead will request fully detailed evidence to ensure any undiagnosed SEND is not missed.
  3. The Early Help Manager reviews the paperwork and checks that all appropriate evidence is in place before adding a child the SEND register.
  4. The TEAMready offer to support younger learners may follow this approach as provision is developed if deemed appropriate.


Where students are not making expected rates of progress at our schools, staff are required to consider the strategies outlined by the Trust's SEND Pathways document in relation to the specific difficulty identified. Strategies are outlined within students’ Individual Learning Plan (ILP) provision maps and adopted for 6 weeks before impact is reviewed. 


Read our SEND Policy by clicking this link.