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TEAM Education Trust

Together Everyone Achieves More


Schools in Collaboration

Schools working within the Trust have a professional, collaborative working partnership.  We seek to identify best practice and expertise from within our own schools and encourage excellence to be shared.


Working together, our schools organise an action-packed programme of activities each term.  The focus is always on three key areas of development:

  1. A project, competition or activity to support the wellbeing of each child in our schools
  2. Staff development and CPD to nurture excellence in teaching
  3. Leadership development and support to nurture further growth within our school leaders.


Schools within our local community are welcome to take part in these events at no charge.  


School leaders may wish to access the extensive support network within which the Trust operates and, again, this can be arranged without the need to join the Trust.


If you would like to work on a strategic level, you might just prefer to talk through risk assessments, SEN/Inclusion support for a child (or group of children) utilising our expertise in this area or learn more about our Early Help Service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.